ACT Broadband Chennai Review – 50 Mbps

Sorry tried to keep it as much short as i can ,  but you don’t wanna miss this  🙂

In a developing country like india, it is still shocking in 2014,we still crave for high speed internet access in our houses where in other countries speeds upto 100mbps is a thing of the past, but for us it is a dream. Even with several major providers like bsnl, airtel,reliance and so on providing speeds upto 32 mpbs is it really affordable for the end household-users or technical feasible in most of the areas ?  The fact is people do not mind paying decent bills for good speeds. but the scenario now is we pay more and get less  to nothing promised with our current internet lines . I am one among the internet users in india who always was having a question running in my mind when is that day gonna come where i can have super fast internet at affordable rates . Well guess what i stumbled upon something interesting  last week 😉

I am not sure how many of you have heard this name ACT broadband, but these guys are popular in Bangalore for high speed fiber optic broadband . In Hyderabad they are in a different brand name called BEAM.



I stay in Thiruvanmiyur in chennai and 2 weeks back when i was at adyar saw NO-Parking boards  on many houses  with ACT broadband advertisement mentioning speeds upto 15 mpbs for just Rs.999 . I was surprised as ACT was not previously present in chennai and they entering in chennai market was a good news. But to start with are only covering a few areas but plan to expand soon. checkout below  for what areas they cover now. I was so excited that i rang up their customer care  immediately and asked their executive to get in touch with me.

within 1 hr one of their executive got in touch and we met at my residence.  During the in person meeting i was disappointed to hear that near my residence still ACT Broadband was laying lines and it can take upto 2 weeks to get a link and if needed  I can prebook so i can be the first customer in my area 🙂 how sweet. even though i was disappointed i couldn’t get the connection immediately  2 weeks wait was not long. so i immediately  prebooked  with one month advanced rental and Rs 500 installation charge for their highest plan which is 50 MBPS . YES you read it right they offer speeds max upto 50 MBPS . checkout below the tariff.



I would say nominal   for the speeds they offer . the FUP cap is less for the speeds.  You have to be very careful you might end up exhausting  your High speed data limit without knowing.

Plan Name
   Speed     Monthly Tariff       FUP     Speed After FUP
ACT Classic
   15 Mbps     Rs. 999      40 GB
    512 Kbps
ACT Premium    15 Mbps     Rs. 1,099
     60 GB     512 Kbps
ACT Supreme    25 Mbps
    Rs. 1,299      75 GB
    512 Kbps
ACT Exclusive    50 Mbps     Rs. 3,249      250 GB     1 Mbps


AREAS COVERED as on Jan 2014

  • Abhiramapuram
  • Adambakkam
  • Baby Nagar
  • Besant Nagar
  • Indra Nagar
  • Kalashetra colony
  • Kasthuribai Nagar
  • Kotturpuram
  • Madipakam
  • Mandaveli
  • Mylapore (LUZ corner)
  • RA Puram
  • Santhome
  • Taramani
  • Thiruvanmiyur
  • Velachery



Last week got a call from ACT Executive  that they are done laying up the line and their server in my area is up and they can install the connection immediately. I had to do some verification sms texting  and phone verification ( a procedure they have ) to their number to confirm my activation and within few hours a line man came to check the residence for  switch box installation. now since there was no lines given near my residence a switch box called ACT AONT Box was needed to be installed  with my permission at my residence.This is a small box which converts fiber optic signal into normal  cat 5 line so your computer can access internet. Direct fiber optic cannot be connected to your pc. so this box converts that. checkout the pic below of the installation.  

Installing the ACT AONT Box Outside the house

Installing the ACT AONT Box Outside the house

ACT AONT Box installed and all set

ACT AONT Box installed and all set

Once  we decided  the location, next came the electrician to fix the box and connect the box to my electricity. Note this box uses 4 to 5 units electricity  per month  and for this ACT credits back Rs.50 monthly to compensate that  to the house from which the power is used. The box also has inbuilt battery to run when there is a prolonged powercut.

Now from the ACT AONT Box  a cat5 cable is layed into the house which is what i need to connect to my pc directly  if only one or to my router to share with multiple devices . you need a wireless router for this and not a ADSL router . ADSL router wont work. they also provide routers at additional cost , in my case i had my high-end router so that was not a problem

After electrician had fixed the box next came the ACT technician,  immedtely to  get the line activated. I was surprised how fast these guys were.  I was given a welcome call to confirm my line and within few minutes got an SMS with a user name and password which i need to use to login to my broadband.

The technician did a small speed test and i was good to go. he asked me if i need any help in configuring the line on my router which i refused as i wanted to do it myself being a techie.

So  that was it . I was ready . Couldn’t wait to start using it





I quickly configured my router over PPPOE  with my user details and  internet was connected. i have been using this for the past one week and here are my thoughts.

When the technician does a speed test you will see 49 MBPs speed Approx. WOW awesome isn’t it. Unbelievable.  checkout my screenshot below

Speed Test India

Speed Test India

But Wait …..

do not arrive at a conclusion that you are getting full 50 MPBS speed. When you do or the technician who shows you   speed test,  the application/ site  pings the nearest ISP server to check download speed .Any server you ping within india you will get Approx 50 MBps speed for sure.  check my screenshot above . In real life scenario that means if you are downloading or accessing files or websites hosted within  india or nearby , speed will be near what you see in the above screenshot , but when accessing  data lets say hosted in USA, UK etc speeds will be less.

Internet and the world is huge and  data is hosted  worldwide  and each network route is different in its own ways. it so much complex out there, which sometimes is very hard to understand. but again same applies to any internet either ACT , Airtel , bsnl, etc  if you take lets say a  8mbps Adsl line , in realtime  you will get less speeds.

So i decided to see what speed i get on a 50 MBPS  plan if i ping a USA server and find below the screenshot.

Speed Test USA - ARIZONA

Speed Test USA – ARIZONA

Speed Test USA - TEXAS

Speed Test USA – TEXAS


Not bad 28 MBPS Approx with a server in Arizona USA  still way ahead of others .( but can go even very less even down to 2.67 mbps with other parts of the world or even within USA with different networks like the second screenshot . Think what will happen if you access the same Texas server from a normal adsl 2 or 4 mbps line  )  Technically speed of internet cannot be just judged with these tests. it totally depends on lot of factors like the server network we access, the route  , country etc.

I downloaded a few files over servers across the globe, some music,  huge files and man it was super fast.  Websites loaded at lighting speeds. my facetime video calls with my friends and clients in the USA are smooth , youtube videos load  faster with no buffering at all.

Trust me after having  used normal internet lines  i am excited when things work and load faster than ever.

but when it comes to real 50 MBPS  it is not and do not just get carried away  dreaming you will get 50MBPS.  It is a disappointment still 🙁



it’s only been a week and  so far i have not faced even a single downtime.

but  like any internet,  ACT also has its own infrastructural issues. If you do a google  on them you will think twice if you want to choose them ,because lot of  bad  and good .

Their local  server has to be placed at some house or secured place in our area , in our case i have the server placed in a house in the next street from where the fiber optic cable comes to my  ACT AONT Box . if server runs out of power  during powercut or there is an issue with local server then it’s a problem , internet will go down or if the ACT AONT Box at my premises   fails or if that does not have power due to prolonged powercuts it can only withstand a few hrs and with chennai facing long powercuts it is a problem. Luckily in Thiruvanmiyur powercuts are less to nothing sometimes. but they claim to have a central monitoring in place is what  i got to know from the technician and  they replace batteries in the box during long powercuts to keep it running.  Lot of manual  interaction and field engineers will be needed to keep it all running smooth. hope they do not increase the tariff later 🙁 due to operational  cost.


On their support really its too early  for me to tell  as its just a week , but will keep this  page updated  regularly to give you guys updates on how it goes on the long run using ACT. So far  it is good, i really enjoy the high speed .   Praying god for this to continue

There is no use  offering good speed and having more downtime . That has been the biggest complaint with lot of ACT users in Bangalore and also few of my friends who are there. Even their support seems to be slow at times with false promises in bangalore.

For sure each area might have its ups and downs and as demands grow if  stability can be retained by  ACT,  they would grow faster than ever in this speed craving market.

Now we have to wait and see big players like Airtel ,  BSNL, etc reacting to ACT plans when more people switch from them to ACT.


Will I Recommend ACT ? Yes as of today,  if you are craving for speed and ready to shell out  few extra bucks


Still india has a long way to go setting up the right internet infrastructure .   but ACT Broadband  is a boon for  speed lovers like me .


Traditional copper infrastructure has been around for decades, proven ideally to be suited for voice services. It can carry a 64 Kb/s, 4 KHz voice signal only over a limited distance. In every way fiber is superior to copper. Fibre broadband technology uses glass tubes that take advantage of the properties of light. The speed of light is faster than any other physical wave known to man. The fiber medium uses a beam of light waves that work better than electrical signals that travel through copper wire. This ensures internet speeds faster than that of the copper wires. Fiber Optic Cable is capable of carrying virtually limitless bandwidth without any signal loss and is the ultimate medium for accessing the Internet.

How Does ACT’s Internet on Fiber Solution Work?
  • ACT IDC connects to your Building / Premises over the Fiber optic network
  • ACT AONT Box (ACT Optical Network Terminator) is installed at the premises of the building. The AONT Box is the junction between a computer and the ACT’s Internet on Fiber Grid. (AONT Size: 15.2in x 15.2in x 3.1in; Power Consumption 5 units per month)
  • AONT is a secure standalone unit with built in power back up. The electricity supply for AONT is drawn from subscriber’s premises
  • From the AONT, a Standard Ethernet cable is connected to the desktop/laptop/router of the end user and internet connectivity is made available


Disclaimer: The above is my personal experience / personal view  and not a paid review and is in no way intended to target particular  brand or its affiliates.

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12 Responses to “ACT Broadband Chennai Review – 50 Mbps”

  1. Karthik says:

    Hi ! Are you people really happy so far…? I’m shifting to Chennai & have a plan to go for ACT. Please suggest if this is good option. My budget is around 1200 /-

  2. Raja says:

    It is 3 months since you installed ACT (as of April end). What is your experience with their service quality ? I am planning to take a connection next week, so this is my last chance to find out 🙂

  3. Ganesh says:

    Hi Shan,

    Do you continue to have good experience with ACT..any update on downtime issues and. Customer service and SLA adherence.
    Currently Im using Reliance 1099 thunder.plan which doesn’t have any FUP limit with 4 mbps speed. I don’t have any issues with connection speed here in Velachery.But once they are down due to fiber cut or other issues they take.atleast 15 to 25 days to fix and the customer care sucks.
    ACT seems to be promising but still early days in Chennai.
    Please update.


  4. srini says:

    Is the service available in vadavalli coimbatore

  5. R.Michael says:

    I Want at ayyapakam chennai-77

  6. Jaganathan says:

    nice review. I am in kottivakkam. i am using bsnl, and not happy, when this comes to my area i think i will try

  7. Naveen says:

    any plans they have to launch in Delhi Bhai ?

  8. Karthik says:

    That seems to be an excellent review on the New Entrant : ACT BB !

    How ACT is going to Act (support) in the upcoming days, like author we are also keen to know..

    Thanks a lot for the review.

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