Amazing Women Safety Gadgets / Products | India – MUST WATCH 🙏🙏

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6 Women Safety Gadgets / Products  | India | Self Defense | Self Defense |  Personal Safety Products for Women |Women safety tools

In this Women Safety Gadgets and products video india   , I explain 6 must have self defense products a cut resistant safety sleeves,  cut resistant safety gloves, a personal alarm ,  locket GPS tracker, zoook moto 69 torch with red laser , stun baton , self defense safety ring and pepper spray that every women or girl must have to safe guard themselves from molestation , attackers, rapists etc.

Watch this completely to get the idea on how you can use technology , gadgets and products to safe guard your self from  a deadly situation in india


* Price does keep changing time to time

Cut Resistant Safety Sleeves :
Cut Resistant Safety  Gloves :
Personal Alarm Keychain :
Locket GPS Tracker :
Zoook Moto 69 Torch :
Self Defense Ring :
Pepper Spray :

Please do ask if any queries about these Women Safety Gadgets / Products feature din this video  and I will answer them

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