Yesterday  was just fantabulous, Just fantabulous. Apple sent out an invite weeks ago for a super event on october 23rd.  Being an apple fanatic I  was all eager to see and was awake whole night with my extra cup of coffees. Interestingly apple has announced live stream from its event place. so at around IST 10:30pm  it started with Tim Cook ( Apple CEO ) taking the stage and talking about apple’s achievements all through this year and then Phil schiller ( VP marketing apple ) took up the stage to introduce the new  and enhanced product line .

Guess what ? Apple just flummoxed every apple fan around the world yesterday with their new line up of products , The NEW MAC BOOK PRO 13 inch with retina display  , The New imac  ,  Mac Mini , The new IPAD 4 and we had a surprise in store THE IPAD MINI.

The New macbook pro 13 inch , The new IMAC  were completely redesigned and were absolutely stunning. THE IPAD mini is a new product  with a smaller display and  it was amazing too.

Apple has once again proved it is and it will be  the market leader when it comes to innovations.  Now people who know less about apple and Steve jobs , buy any apple product and you will know why people love the brand apple  and why they line up. Perfect timing for these launches  considering the Christmas season.


A Few interesting bits about the  lineups

The NEW MAC BOOK PRO comes with a 13 inch retina display
2.5GHz dual-core Intel Core i5  also Configurable to 2.9GHz dual-core Intel Core i7  for extra cost.
All  flash based architecture, no more traditional  magnetic hard disks
Extremely thin and very light unibody design

Know more about it here :



The new IMAC  comes in 21inch and 27 inch variants and has an all new design
New widescreen display
With update graphics,  Intel Core i5 processor, starting at 2.7GHz and topping out at 3.2GHz  this is the fastest and beautiful mac ever  made.
The new iMac introduces a breakthrough storage option called Fusion Drive, which combines a high-capacity hard drive with high-performance flash storage. Up to 768GB of flash storage and up to a 3TB hard drive.
Know more about it here :



The IPAD 4th generation comes with the new A6x chip which is twice as fast

LTE capabilities which is of no use in india as we do not have LTE that supports an ipad 🙁

The new much smaller and easy to use lightning connecter

Front facing HD camera

Even though not a very big update, it is impressive

Know more about it here :



Well The most interesting product the IPAD Mini.

What apple claims is it’s not just a shrunken version of the bigger ipad, but a newly designed small tablet. Why should you have one ? well you can use it with a single hand.

It has a 7.9 inch display ( not retina )
A5 chip for faster performance
Lighter and thinner than the current ipad big version
10 hours battery backup
Siri Voice control and a few more.

It should be interesting to see what a small ipad can do


Know more about it here :




Shooo !!!!!!! the year ended well for apple  as every product of their’s will be a hit  . It’s all because of one thing  . INNOVATION and PASSION.

Expecting  to get my hands on these products and will keep you posted

Check out the  official ipad mini video below


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4 Responses to “APPLE IPAD MINI & More”

  1. Selva says:

    Thanks to for updating us with the latest happenings / innovations.

    There is no wonder, why apple products are great. The look and features are awesome !

    With Ipad Mini having ‘Siri’ Voice control, it is going to hit the market like anything..

  2. Sundar says:

    Your site looks nice.

    I like apple products . ipad mini is very nice.

    if you have facebook, kindly add me to your contact

  3. Roshan says:

    I took a seat on last night as well. The party went upto 1.2 hour and was amazing with beautiful apple products. After looking at the iPad 4 features.. I thought there wont be any iPad mini. But… But…!! The iPad mini hiding behind the new iPad4. Truly amazing introduction.

    This year is the most exciting year for apple, as cook said. Well designed products and much detailed. Although i was slightly disappointed with the new iMac… I was expecting a retina display for my graphic works. But.. they impressed me with the new Fusion Drive.

    Fusion Drive on The New iMac is Phenomenal. Retina ? Maybe next time i guess.

    Enjoyed each and every part of this event. So delight!

  4. Vidya says:

    I was watching the extravaganza last night… Really astonished to see the products crafted well both in & out…that’s the beauty of apple … when you see it , you feel like owning it.
    Thanks for Techshan for bringing us the hot updates and bcos of techshan I have extended my knowledge / interest towards technology related products / brands ad the industry itself ! Good Job !

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