Apple IPOD NANO Music Player

I am very very excited to show you all  the latest   IPOD NANO.  Being an apple fanatic , I am so excited over this product.

Checkout My Video below

The ipod nano is a super easy to use music player and has the ios interface which you will see  on  your iphone , ipad etc and guess what it has multi touch, shake control and more . Apple has again proved it is the market leader when it comes to innovation.  Steve we miss you 🙂

It also has many other additional stuff like radio, fitness apps such the pedometer  , etc.

It fits super easy into your pocket and depending on the capacity it can hold 1000’s of songs

Since its so small many  companies have designed  a watch band accessory which can turn your ipod  nano into a watch. This is how it looks .

Ipod Nano for sure the best music player I have so far seen. It  costs Rs. 8900 and can be bought from your nearest apple store or online via ebay.

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6 Responses to “Apple IPOD NANO Music Player”

  1. Neil Joseph says:

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  2. Mr.Elwir says:

    im subing b/c of the acsent : p

  3. Selva says:

    Thanks for your review which updates us with the Latest Gadgets in the market…

  4. Selva says:

    A Rocking Design !

    So many features packed inside this small 1.5 inch display ….

    This 7’th Generation ipod is Great.

  5. shan says:

    No Video play back, its completely a music player integrated with some cool features.

    yes one of the best from steve 🙂

  6. Roshan says:

    No one can hate this product/device. Even the mac haters have an ipod in their pockets.

    I wonder if it has video playback option. I guess no ?

    One of the best innovation from steve. R.I.P

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