Audio / Video Input ( AVI ) Selector

Recently my friend got a low-end DVD player for basic use which connects only through AVI

He couldn’t connect it to his TV since his TV has only one avi slot and that too was connected to the tatasky set- top box

The TV has other ports like the HDMI, component etc but the DVD player works only with AVI . He was left with no option of plugging out the tatasky avi cable when he wanted to connect his dvd player . Generally avi slots are located at the backside side of the TV and it becomes messy when you need to Plug / unplug devices with that single slot.

He called me up and asked me if there is a solution.

There are couple of solutions

First option would be to change the dvd player to a one with hdmi port which cannot be done at this point

and the second one is an inexpensive way to go for an AVI selector, a tiny external device that makes your life easy

Check out the video to see what am talking about

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One Response to “Audio / Video Input ( AVI ) Selector”

  1. Roshan says:

    The other day i was looking for some device to connect my 4 hdmi devices in single hdmi port. This video really helped me to find out a HDMI splitter, as well as digital optic splitter. thanks to you 🙂

    Nice review btw.

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