Convert Normal Sim to Microsim

I have prepared a video to show on how you can convert your existing normal sim into a microsim easily.

Normal SIM to Micro SIM Template download link :

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57 Responses to “Convert Normal Sim to Microsim”

  1. rutger w says:

    Thank you it worked and you saved me some money!

  2. Haneen Ali says:

    Will it work for iPhone 4S??

  3. Pushpinder Singh says:

    Dear I bought Samsung galaxy s3, neo I-9300, from Czech republicI also has small sim card slot. I was written on the box Only for European sim cards. i did not check this when I bought the phone.Please tell me Indian sim card will work in it. thanks

  4. Balamurugan. S Elankayer says:

    brilliant video 🙂

  5. waynesagich says:

    worked for lumia 800 – thx

  6. Shinoy Sivan says:

    what in case of 32 K sim?

  7. anooprk84 says:

    SIM not recognised by the phone 🙁 , the metallic part untouched.. Any idea what could have gone wrong

  8. Randy Petten says:

    Works perfect. Thanks for the video and the template 🙂

  9. Promit Pattnaik says:

    Thanks, Will it work on MotoG

  10. VeBz says:

    Tip: Glue the paper template onto the upper part of the sim with a glue stick, not adhesive. Once you’ve cut it, just simply slide off the paper and clean the adhesive with a q-tip and alcohol cleaner.

  11. Ani Ramesh says:

    Thanks a lot bro… u just saved me Rs.100

  12. mathew davydiuk says:

    Didn’t even print it out, layer on tablet, put a couple dots to mark lines, and took some scissors, eyeballs that suckered, and it worked great. Just cut straight. Gave it a trim to fit snug, but not to snug.

  13. Bhalchandra Kadam says:

    Will it work on Moto G?

  14. Sahara Sankalana says:

    how to take out templete

  15. Sahara Sankalana says:

    works on samsung galaxy ace 3

  16. Stanly Joy says:

    Excellent job buddy. only thing i want to suggest is you could have marked the template with dotted lines where the cutting is to be done. I couldn’t have understood, unless i saw your video.


    thanks for posting this video man

  18. Shafquat Ahmed says:

    technically can you convert any micro sim into a nano sim? I ask because the golden part on my micro sim is quite big and if I were to convert it, it would most definitely cut into the chip.

  19. Venkata Dinakar says:


  20. Xenon Thumper says:

    Where do you get the template from?

  21. Harvinder Singh says:

    thanks, will it work on Galaxy note 3?

  22. Ozzie Eratli says:

    I haven’t tried to cut it yet but I ordered a Samsung S4 and it ‘of course’ wasn’t accepting my normal fat sim card so yes i will try to cut it around the template

  23. goldenfalcon09 says:

    thanks a lot!!!

  24. Jonathan Alvis says:

    Many thanks

  25. Kumar HQ says:

    I want to do it but a lot of risk

  26. Gustavo Chaves says:

    Thanks a lot dude!

  27. Lola Cafardo Lombardozzi says:

    works on Nokia Lumina 620? Gracias.

  28. pariza shaikh says:


  29. Edwin Au Yeung says:


  30. Techshan says:

    yes will work for all phones that supports microsim

  31. Techshan says:

    yes will work for all phones that supports microsim

  32. Techshan says:

    yes will work for all phones that supports microsim

  33. Rijul Saxena says:

    will it work with Samsung Galaxy Mega 5.8??

  34. speedbunny says:

    Awesome lifesaver video, thanks!

  35. abhinav mudaliar says:

    Nice video..will it work on LG optimus g??

  36. Techshan says:

    yes works for all phones that needs a microsim

  37. Ninad Aghanashini says:

    Does it Work for Sonu Xperia Sp ?

  38. Techshan says:

    yes it will work

  39. Yaken Siram says:

    Will it work for Sony Xperia Z?

  40. Techshan says:

    check out the video description it has the link

  41. Anshul Sharma says:

    Hey Shan, thanks for the nice demonstration of the converting to micro sim. May I know where I can get the template from. searching for the blog? Thanks

  42. Annu Anjulata says:

    Is it work for nokia asha 501 dual sim and sim2 is also cut to same size ?

  43. jogrmz says:

    I have just converted a SIM to a MicroSim for Nexus 4 and works

  44. theBASE says:

    I want to get a lumia 520 but I want to keep my old Vodafone card. will it work?

  45. Nishikant Sahu says:

    will it work for nexus 4???

  46. Phyeer X says:

    Thx a lot ,work for my HTC 8x! :*

  47. Georgarak says:

    I almost killed the chip, but everything went great! just follow the lines, works 100%!! THANKS UPLOADER

  48. Techshan says:

    what password ? it is a pdf file you can open it in acrobat reader

  49. Veera Vrp says:

    What is the password for that file?

  50. BriefTut says:

    tutorial = how to save paper download pdf given in the description place the sim, and adjut the pdf size according to sim, took pencil ,, mark,, and cut… just keep remember the angular cut 🙂

  51. Kailas Saraf says:

    thanks …. good video and ready printed dimensions for cuts …..

  52. Techshan says:

    yes will work

  53. Steian Dias says:

    it will work on Iphone 4S ???

  54. Techshan says:

    no, its tough. use a sharp scissors , will be easy to cut.

  55. mryhogi says:

    Can i use cutter?

  56. ankita sharma says:

    thanks 🙂

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