The latest buzz in the tech industry is the iphone 5 , and being an apple fanatic wanted to get my hands on it.  It’s sad that it is not yet launched in india as of october 10th 2012 .  but it is rumored  it might soon …. we have to see. India Mobile operators do not  have nano sims that iphone 5 requires.

Iphone 5 is a significant upgrade from the  iphone 4s,with faster processor, Faster Ram, larger display, new camera and many other features. Blah blah  blah 😀

Anyways  I  couldn’t  wait any longer. so I had one of my friend grab a piece from australia.

Checkout the unboxing video below

IPHONE 5 uses a Nano sim and not the regular or micro sim. Since in India we do not have nano sim ,  I have come up with this video to show  you on how you can convert your existing normal / Micro sim into a NANO sim easily.

Checkout the video below.


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19 Responses to “IPHONE 5 UNBOXING”

  1. Techshan says:

    nano sim, checkout my other video on howto convert a normal sim to nano sim. visit my channel

  2. dhruv kaul says:

    plzz rply soon … which sim card are u using in this i phone

  3. hanish chawla says:

    Iphone in india out of stock 🙁

  4. hanish chawla says:


  5. Techshan says:

    hanish, australian or indian, iphone is the same, it is made by apple inc and its the same phone. there is no difference.iphone 5 is launched in india, you can place order from airtel.in or from online shopping sites or even walk into any airtel showroom and buy one. best it comes with 1 year warrantyi just had one piece and it was brought when my friend came from Australia.

  6. hanish chawla says:

    Actualy i want australian version of iphone 5. Plz can u help me

  7. Techshan says:

    i would suggest you to wait for 5 to 6 days more , iphone 5 is launching in india for a much lesser price i guess around Rs.45500you can get any color you want and best of all with warranty.

  8. hanish chawla says:

    Where u live ? Can ur frnd send an iphone for me i will give him money

  9. Techshan says:

    🙂 thank you . logon to techshan.com for more reviews on interesting products

  10. hanish chawla says:

    Great review btw

  11. Techshan says:

    yes factory unlock. Rs.52 k

  12. hanish chawla says:

    Price ?

  13. hanish chawla says:

    Factory unlocked ? Price ?

  14. Techshan says:

    I got it from my friend in australia

  15. hanish chawla says:

    From where u bought ?

  16. Roshan says:

    Nice and Luxurious! Thanks for the detailed unboxing.

    Even tho.. i own a black version. But I personally like the white.

    Well done! 🙂

  17. shan says:

    next will be no sim 😀 apple will do something like auto detect lol

  18. Selva says:

    Looks Great !!

    Sim ->
    Micro Sim ->
    Nano Sim -> ?
    Wonder What’s the Next, iPhone is going to come up with.

  19. Vidya says:

    It looks fabulous, slim & sleek. It for sure deserved a hype as a masterpiece – the Steve job’s way. When you look deeper , apple has done quite a few upgrades / updates . Truly is Phenominal !!!

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