My New Sony HX100V Digital Camera

Finally got my hands on the sonyhx100v digital camera. I was shopping around for a few options and finally after a few days of research decided to go with this gorgeous sonyhx100v. Ordered via which is my favorite  shopping destination and got it delivered within 48 hrs.

To talk a bit about the camera  it is a  Fantastic piece of engineering from SONY. It boasts a 16.2 mega pixel, 30 x zoom ( yes you read it right )  which i have tried and is awesome, also this can record FULL HD video 1080i .You can also shoot panoramic views.

Another interesting feature is it can shoot 3D pictures. But again you can view  only if you have a 3D tv.  I did take a few shots on the 3D mode and seems to be fine. Don’t expect photos to pop out of the screen like in AVATAR 🙂

I love the design, looks very sturdy and sexy.

On the other hand the camera is not for those who want to slide it in their pockets and roam around. It is well built ( I mean not very slim)  and heavy ( obviously because it is not just a normal digital camera , much more powerful one )

It is a GPS enabled camera so it actually allows you to tag your photos with location.


Sony HX100V has quite a lot of external control that is more easy to use than the s/w based. It also supports “Transfer jet” a super technology which allows you to transfer photos & videos at high speeds.

I am not a professional photographer, but this camera is a good choice for amateurs who want to get into  photography.


If you are  a traveller  OR  want to buy a camera within a decent budget for your family which can shoot high quality photos, then this is for sure a good start.

Sony did a great job with this camera.  I will be playing more with it in the coming days and  will post interesting stuff that I come across



  • Cyber-shot is a line of digital cameras made by Sony. The first cyber-shot was made by Sony in 1996.
  • Cyber-shot H series – Aimed towards amateur photographers

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6 Responses to “My New Sony HX100V Digital Camera”

  1. Roshan says:

    Thanks for the great unboxing video and review. Definitely this is a great product for families and small business people and startup photographers.

    I always love Sony and their products even if their design sucks. coz of solid build quality and definitely they’re Japanese. Their Cameras & Camcorders are pretty good in performance and gives you great comfort and ease of use with their fast user friendly interface.

    I would love to see some sample photographs and technical specifications of this camera.

    Thanks again for this wonderful review. My best wishes!

  2. Suba says:

    Hello Sir,

    Really its nice to see the post about SONY HX100V Digital Camera with lot features in it.

    And Hope will be more informative for us with more gadgets in near future.

  3. shan says:

    Thank you all for your comments .

  4. Selva says:


    – The Tech Freaks Journal has come out well, with a nice review of SONY HX100V Digital Camera. A word about the Lens Manufacturer (Carl Zeiss) would have added another feather to its Cap.

    Hope to see more gadgets and reviews in the coming days..

  5. Guru rajan says:


    Nice review . This site should be the destination for any one who thinks about gadgets. Unboxing video great.

  6. Vidya says:

    Hey Shan ,

    Uber-cool camera and super cool video ! Kudos to SONY …….
    Am sure you are gonna have fun with it . Keep posting !!!

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