After a long wait finally got my hands on the new 3rd generation  IPAD . It is the latest version of ipad  called the NEW IPAD and not ipad 3.  Not yet launched  in India as on March 29th .

Being a die hard apple fan couldn’t be without getting my hands on one of this, as this  version is an important upgrade . It boasts the superb RETINA display with  3.1 million pixels . Resolution of  2048-by-1536 pixels. The new ipad actually has a million  more pixels  than a HD TV.

Apple has already sold  3 million ipads in just a week after  launch.

Checkout my unboxing video. Watch it till the last to know why people are crazy about the ipad


Quick Specs

  • 9.7 inch retina display which was first introduced by apple on the iphone 4 and then the 4s. It is the most advanced display ever on a mobile device.
  • Next is the processor . Apple calls it A5x which has quad core graphics
  • an isight camera on the back with 5 MP which shoots full HD video
  • 4G capability . since we  do not have 4G here in India we can of course connect it to a 3G network . I would recommend AIRTEL for 3G, better than the other providers in the market.
  • The design of the new ipad looks very similar to its predecessor  ipad 2 … the NEW IPAD is actually a  bit thicker (may be a hairline ) than the ipad 2 but again not very visible though

and many more features….

ipad 2 or 3 does  not matter , try to get your hands on one and you will know why millions love it.


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6 Responses to “NEW IPAD 3rd Gen UNBOXED”

  1. newipadnews says:

    one more cool video on internet, #UN# seems simillar video?

  2. Roshan says:

    Nice video. Congrats bro 🙂

  3. shan says:

    @ selva you are welcome !

    yep it is amazing, i am really happy and excited over it.

  4. shan says:

    @ Gururajan yes it should be iphone 5 . from rumors what I heard it will have a large screen and will use the a5x chip from the new ipad

    but again we will have to wait to see what apple comes up with

  5. Selva says:

    Finally the most awaited ipad (3’rd gen) is unboxed.

    Amazing Features !

    Thanks for updating us, with these technical info., (even before it’s official launch in India) which otherwise we will be knowing very late..

  6. Guru Rajan says:

    Amazing Video . Apple has been consistently improving each of their products from ipod , iphone , ipad and everything that no other competitor can go near them in terms quality , User experience ( of course Sales too ! ) . Expecting the next Apple’s launch ( Guess its Iphone 5 ? )

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