Next Gen Mac Pro Launched

Can’t innovate anymore my ass!!  – I am not kidding, those are the exact words  Phil Schiller – Apple’s  senior vice president of worldwide marketing at Apple Inc Said during the Sneak peek of next generation MAC PRO at WWDC 2013.

Never even in your dreams you can think of a machine like this can exist . Only Apple can do this

Apple reveals details about its new Next Gen Mac Pro  at the company’s annual WWDC. The new desktop sports an Intel Xeon processor, and a dual AMD workstation graphics processor. It will also support 4K, and ultra-high-definition displays out of the box. It will go to market this year.

Man it is one hell of a machine . My Next Dream  Machine. Can’t wait


Don’t miss the INTRO video below . Watch it till  the last. Post you comments below



Specs In Photos


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4 Responses to “Next Gen Mac Pro Launched”

  1. Liam Forsyth says:

    Apple really know how to show off their products. Wonderful video.

  2. Mega German Lp says:
  3. Christophe Hertling says:
  4. DJordydj says:

    THAT was a total blast :DDDDDD

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