Why I really love my Le1s eco with Supertainment?


Generally my style of recommending product is only when I really like the product. I don’t go and recommend or back up every other product in the market. So let me make it clear that this is not a paid promotion or article, but written from my own experiences.

When I first came across LeEco le1s, I was impressed by the looks/ specs and off course its price. I had not even heard of this name then , as in an overcrowded smartphone market creating an impression and to stand apart  is tough. 

So what made LeEco and its smartphone LE1s eco ring a bell in me that I am writing this. Well continue reading to find more..

Le1s as you all know was a super phone with amazing features and specs they gave a tough competition for not only the new entrants but also the biggies.  It was a huge success.  Like any other phone it also had its own positives and negatives, let’s not get into that  now .. But the good part is the negatives were less and the positives were more..

The team  didn’t rest on the success of the le1s and  thought a market like India needs something even more BIG and different , so though being a  leeco logoChinese company they went on to study the mindset of the people . India is a country  that craves for Entertainment .  (Guys in a good way, We love watching movies, listening to music etc , because it gives  us a fascinating rather fantasizing  experience  and music drives and motivates many .  So keeping this as a starting point LeEco went on  to launch another super phone last  week named as Le1s eco – a device made for India  with content services unlike anything. The highlight of the phone is the content integration. It’s not just downloading a movie app or a music app, but the way you present it, and provide meaningful content that users will truly enjoy and is catered to each and everyone’s taste. 

I got my hands on it and couldn’t wait to share my experience with you all.

le1s eco leme
So here is what makes Le1s eco a true supertainment phone and why I really love it

At a  first glance,  the device’s look and feel and the config is similar to the LE1s.

5.5 inch FHD Display , 3 GB , 32 ROM, Finger Print Sensor, 13mp Rear and 5mp Front camera , so  you know that you are getting a phone  that already had an extraordinary look and feel , was super fast .  But now they have made it even better  in this with the all new Levidi , Le LiveLe Music and Le Drive experience that the le1s eco comes loaded with  – which are the highlights of this version.


What good is a device if it is just for making phones and browsing internet ? Haven’t  we been doing this for almost a decade?  Le1s  eco is  here to change that . A true smart phone that combines entertainment and technology. The content library is huge and focused towards India and not some crap loaded with generic content.

LeEco partnered exclusively with EROS NOW , YUPP TV and Hungama to bring in LIVE TV, 2000+movies , 3.5 million songs  , etc . Since the content library is so huge, it has something  for everyone according to their taste.



Let’s admit our modern lifestyle is s**t stressful and we take time off to entertain ourselves. Be it a movie, watching TV, listening to music etc. This is where le1s eco fits in. It’s the perfect gadget for our stressful lifestyle that helps entertain and the best part is entertainment comes along wherever we go .

From the time I got my hands on the device, I start and end my day with my #superphone le1s eco.

I watch my favorite shows on the all new Le vidi which almost has every collection I want.. Listen to music on the Le music , be it Sallu bhai hits,  movie songs or Pit bull’s latest chart-buster.  I don’t carry music files loaded anymore. When I want to listen to my music  or watch a  video or movie I just open and search and get going.

On my way out, when I  don’t drive obviously ,I watch my favorite channels LIVE  on Le LIVE on the go and I never get to miss the episodes.


When I get stuck at the airport or places where you need to wait like I did at my dentist’s, I almost finished watching a movie.  . 


When I travel with my kid,  he doesn’t have to miss his favorite cartoons.


Content is the key in this modern world. A device with nothing is of no use. Don’t tell me I can download and load. if it was that easy you cannot download every other movie and load it on. Just search and stream – it’s that easy on the le1s eco ..

Above all, it has endless possibilities , imagine this – you can mirror your favorite reality show or the movie on your big screen TV and watch it with your home theater with the best sound effects at your best comfort


You can be the best VJ , have a rocking  party on weekends with some blockbuster music

I can go on and on ….

The concept of entertainment has become so flexi with this device  as you can get entertained on the go.

 So … do I need more reasons to love this Spectacular , Stylish Superphone ?


Unbelievable … haan ? 

Find it on your own.

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Note: This is not a paid promotional article, but my personal views


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