Sale Yard * UPDATED * – Nov 11 2014

Here is a separate category for products that I will be putting up on sale. These products / gadgets  are used and I will be recycling them every now and then.

All products listed for sale in this section are in perfect working condition.    Keep watching this space regularly for more exciting products / gadgets . Also share this page with your friends and network.

In case you are interested in any of the below products contact me  by clicking here and we can seal the deal 🙂 

* Photos posted are of the actual products which are for sale.



Google Nexus 4 Black – 16 GB   – SOLD



  • Your Dream android phone is here. This is beyond doubt the best android phone at a buster deal. grab it while it lasts.
  • 16 GB inbuilt storage
  • Quad Core Processor
  • 4.7  inches IPS +  display
  • Android 4.4.4 Kitkat
  • 8 mega pixel rear camera and 1.2 MP front facing camera

COMES WITH   Box , Charger adapter ,  Usb cable ,  and the phone itself. FREE BUMPER CASE


Interested ? Click here


iphone 5c – 16 GB   – SOLD


  • Your Dream iphone phone is here. This is beyond doubt the best iphone at a buster deal. grab it while it lasts.
  • 16 GB inbuilt storage
  • 4 inches full HD retina  display
  • 8 mega pixel rear camera and 1.2 MP front facing camera

Upgraded to  ios 8

COMES WITH   Box , Charger adapter ,  Usb cable ,  and the phone itself



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31 Responses to “Sale Yard * UPDATED * – Nov 11 2014”

  1. shan says:

    sorry iphone 4s also sold

  2. shan says:

    sorry kumar no more pieces available. that is why i request all interested buyers to act swiftly as the deals listed here are irresistible.

    why don’t you consider the iphone 4s ?

  3. Kumar says:

    IPad got Sold !

    I thought of buying it Today. Am unlucky this time too.

    Anymore pieces, available ?

    – Kumar

  4. Naveen says:

    Superb Deal ! will contact you today to see what best you can do

  5. Selva says:

    My Goodness ! That’s a Really Block Buster Deal

    I feel I shouldn’t have bought the Sony Ericsson Xperia Pro, 3 days back (on Flipkart).

    Anyways, let me intimate my friends on this nice offer.

  6. Selva says:

    I was about to buy a LCD TV. Luckily, I saw our sale-yard updated with a nice LG LED TV.

    I booked it and got it delivered, without even a small scratch, even on the outer box/cover. It is not just looking New, it’s actually New..

    Thanks to for delivering this Superb TV in a nice packing.

    Viewing Experience : The moment we switched it on, we could see the difference and power of LED. Excellent Clarity and detail.

    It even played the songs and video from our Mobile Phone with a USB Datacable..

  7. Naveen says:

    Got to know about from a friend. Great deals. bought the netgear usb . Thanks . expecting more deals.

  8. Selva says:

    That’s a really nice deal.

    Sony – vaio, even the entry level model, costs near to 30k. This is a good deal for anyone, who wishes to own a Sony Laptop at an affordable price..

  9. Guru Rajan says:

    Hello All ,

    Recently i have purchased Netgear Wifi . The HP High Config Laptop was purchased by my friend who regularly reads the .Both are really nice .

  10. selva says:

    I ordered for the Zeebronics Gamin Wheel. I got a Quick Delivery with a Fantastic Packing !

    The product was working perfectly and gave an Amazing Gaming Experience which I never imagined in an ordinary PC.

    Thanks to for introducing such nice products.

  11. shan says:

    yes you can frequently keep checking the yard for products

  12. Suba says:


    I am looking for Headphones with Mike, if you have any such products for sale, please let me know.


  13. shan says:

    happy customers growing 🙂

  14. Guru Rajan says:

    Hi All ,

    Last week i have purchased a 32″ LCD TV, Samsung Home Theater , Sony BLU Ray Player and Tata Sky HD . Sunday i have fixed and the Experience is amazing . Especially the Home Theater is 1000 Watts RMS . Mind Blowing sound output . Very Neatly packed .

  15. shan says:

    sure kumar, as more products are loaded in the coming months I will look into wishlist options.
    incase you have a list of things that you might be looking out , use the contact me option and send it to me.

  16. Kumar says:

    The LCD TV is HD – Ready but it is SOLD al-Ready !!

    This goes like a “Viveks SuperSale ” …

    I missed it this time too 🙁

    I think there should be some provision for Wish-List.

    – Kumar.

  17. shan says:

    Glad it works good. Have fun

  18. Guru Rajan says:

    Successfully Installed Tata Sky 🙂 – Today i have installed the Tata Sky HD at my Home . The picture quality is awesome – my Father’s comment – But these are all possible after hectic phone call follow up by Mr.Shan yesterday night ( Till 11 pm ) with the Tata Sky people .

    Experiencing HD first time .Thanks a lot .

  19. Guru Rajan says:

    Looking forward for used LCD / LED Tvs 32″ or more in the upcoming Sale Yard Update . ( Advance Booking ! )

  20. Suba says:


    The Laptop is so cool and its working very well. To my surprise, there are some games, so nice to play and enjoyed.

    I am the luckiest to get it to the cheapest rate 🙂

    I will be on my eyes to look around what’s the next!!

    Thanks for the wonderful SALE YARD @

  21. shan says:

    @ kumar no problem. keep watching this space as i will be updating frequently.

  22. Kumar says:

    I was looking in e-bay for a such a Laptop .. I missed to see the site in time, it got sold, and now I feel for it…

    Wonder who is the luckiest person who got it for a good deal !


  23. shan says:

    @ selva cool! yes will be posting few more in the coming weeks

  24. Selva says:


    I bought a 16″ LCD for one of my friends. Thanks to the Express Delivery, I got it the very next day of booking ..

    The packing was nice, which ensured a safe reach. The Monitor works fine without any issues.

    Looking for more products …

  25. shan says:

    @ Gururajan . Thatz great ! would encourage all buyers to post their feedback on your purchased products

  26. Guru Rajan says:

    Hi All ,

    I bought Tata Sky HD and the packing is amazing as equal to a new one .

    Will be fixing this weekend and enjoy watching movies . Thanks to

  27. shan says:

    @ shekar cool. You can contact me via the contact me link below with your mobile number and I will call you to discuss further

  28. Shekar says:


    I came across your blog while searching for Hyundia EON . It was a nice review and useful for me to decide between Alto and EON.
    Today I saw the sale items and am interested in couple of them. Can I have your phone number or something so that I can talk to you directly

  29. shan says:

    @ Selva . due to good response currently the yard sale will also be for CBE.

    Shipping & handling Free 🙂

  30. Selva says:

    Me and my friends were waiting for this kind of yard !

    But why it is for Chennai Alone ?!


  31. Guru Rajan says:

    Great news for me !!! . Opportunity for a guy like me to purchase gadgets at affordable cost . Will watch out this space regularly .

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