Steve Jobs – A Life Changing Persona

Yes he did ! he has redefined our lives. Every one would love to get their hands on an apple product.

When its comes to Apple there is nothing that can compete with it in terms of design and functionality.

until you look at an Apple product you will settle with a cheap version of a different brand, but when you get your hands on one, you would go to an extent to pay more to get it.

Why ? Apple Products – simply works. They not only look good, but  work superbly with stunning interface that make the user experience enjoyable. Even non-Apple users will admit this.

Do you still remember the days where we used to carry a walkman to listen to music with a tape in it? Until the ipod, ipod shuffle changed it ?

Why would you love an ipod , because of how it feels , how it looks and how easy it works . THE DESIGN !!!!!!!!!!

When it comes to computers which is part of our every day life , MAC reinvented computing. You should own a MAC to trust this. Why ? Even I would say PCS, windows vista , windows 7 were inspired from OS X ( which is the mac’s soul )

Laptops  –  With MAC AIR Steve went crazy , no one could still copy it right. THE DESIGN!!!!!!!!!!

Now the Mobiles , can you even think of how a smart phone could have been before the iphone.? never never never. It was all about Nokia , their button phones, until iphone changed it all.

Today every one has made a copy of it , but again no one could compete with it because of its design, easy of use and the BRAND APPLE.

Next Tablet computing –  ipad and ipad 2 changed the way we use  the internet  and our lives in this internet era .  It is like you hold  the whole world in your hands.

Again many people tried to copy it , big brands such as ASUS, SAMSUNG and more.

where were all these guys before APPLE invented the IPAD, IPHONE, IPOD MAC, MAC AIR AND IMAC .

Now everyone has at least one product which is a direct copy of apple products, but no one could compete and beat apple because of it’s importance to design and functionality.

Most companies look into improving hardware and give less importance to software, Some give importance to software but forget the easy of use factor.


Steve and the team he chose to work under him were loyal and skilled to get apple reach this great height.

Any one who worked with steve would be proud today when they know that  they  were part of a world changing company.

Till date , Apple is the only company that  gives  importance to design for the products they create. Take a look at any apple product , you will know.

Apple was indeed a small company once , which was hit badly and struggling . they were down on profits and even reached a stage to close down. How did it turn into World’s No.1 technology company.  How did apple achive this?

It was only after Steve came back and joined the company . STEVE , STEVE and only STEVE . His futuristic thoughts, creativity and passion for design. I cannot describe him more than this.

He is a GOD TO ALL DESIGNERS, an inspiration, a mentor and so on for entrepreneurs .

It’s the guts you should have to takeup a company running in loss and turn it into No.1 and now according  to statistics Apple has more cash in reserve than the American government.

If a person who knows he will die in a few years what he would do ? Can you ever imagine?

He would try to full fill his wishes. live a life he wants to,  world tours and so on..

But is that what steve did ? NO, no way. that is what sets him apart.

He set his path to change the world and MAN CAN YOU BELIEVE IT . HE DID IT !!!

His quote:
Remembering that I’ll be dead soon is the most important tool I’ve ever encountered to help me make the big choices in life. –
Steve Jobs, Stanford Commencement Address, 2005

No doubt it will  be interesting to see how Apple products look and behave in the years to come, in his absence . One thing’s for sure, computers and electronics have been changed for the better . Thanks to him.

Steve miss you a lot .

So how many of you would want to change the world ??

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One Response to “Steve Jobs – A Life Changing Persona”

  1. Vidya says:

    Nice , inspiring post….many even in the field of technology is not aware of Steve and his contribution in changing our lives… This is for those …Gives a snapshot of what he’s up to in the last 6 years ….

    ipod, imac, iphone, ipad , icon – Steve !

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