Sturdy Buddy – My Dream Machine

Last week has been very busy for me.  I had to upgrade my system to a much more advanced one that can handle my work pressure with a balance between my workplace and home.  Wanted a PC that handles both the space and performance issues of my work.  I started shopping around for my dream PC.  Ofcourse still I rely upon my lappy and ipad for  client places, meetings and business travels.

Since I use high end graphics , I wanted to go for an advanced configuration and finally settled with one.  I am a kind of do-it-yourself person and I always experiment a lot with fixing anything technical.  That’s how you learn a lot of stuff.

First , I researched well on the components and bought them.

I went with

  • Asus Sabertooth p67 thermal shield motherboard
  • Core i7 2600  3.4 ghz processor
  • 16 GB DDR 3 corsair RAM ( 4gb x 4 )  1600 mhz
  • 1 TB seagate sata hard disk ( 7200 rpm )
  • asus  2 G B graphics card   550 TI GDDR 5      ( 1 gb x 2 ) 2 cards in total
  • Asus blueray writer
  • creative 2.1 speakers
  • LG led 20 inch monitor ( 3 ) yes thatz right 3 🙂
  • Windows 7 pro 64 bit ( 32 bit can handle only upto 3 gb  ) . since I have 16 gb installed needed a 64 bit OS
  • Logitech  K260 wireless keyboard + mouse combo
  • COOLERMASTER HAF cabinet with 600 watts cooler master extreme PSU


I was excited to see my sturdy buddy .

When you do a work with passion, you will definitely end up with great results. In the meantime you would have faced challenges but those challenges would have taught you valuable lessons. I strongly believe this.

I was done with my components shopping and finally started fixing things up .  The moment I start fixing he grew up like a monster.  It took 4 -5 hours for me to assemble the whole thing. But believe me absolutely no tools needed . But I just used my screwdriver and plyer just to make sure every screw is tightened.

My buddy was simply sexy , sturdy and massive.

If you take a look at a few pictures  you know what am talking about.

CPU - Bird's eye view

CPU - Bird's eye view

Asus  1 GB Graphic Card 550 TX  DDR5

Asus 1 GB Graphic Card 550 TX DDR5


Final Sneak Peek

Final Sneak Peek

Finally it took a whole day for me to set everything right.

Just want to share a few things

When you want to connect more than 2 monitors always check if the graphics card can handle it. some cannot handle more than 2. in my case  my card could handle only 2  , as I wanted 3 I had to end up buying another card  to enable my third monitor.

Thankfully my motherboard being a high end one had SLI support. That is I can connect 2 graphics card ( of the same brand and model ) and take full advantage of both through SLI technology. low ends boards do not have this feature.


When building a highend pc always go for 1600 Mhz RAM or higher for better performance


The higher your configuration you will need a cabinet with lot of ventilation to bring down the heat. In my case i went with a high-end gaming cabinet  which is COOLER MASTER HAF . because  I loved the way it looks and also it  had maximum ventilation. this is how it looks

Coolmaster HAF Cabinet

Cooler master HAF Cabinet

The more components you add such as high-end graphics card , more RAM ,  drives etc you need a better power supply with more watts. I went with cool master extreme which is a 600 watts PSU.


Before doing cabling ensure you have a pretty good idea on your cpu’s location. or else you will end up with cable length issues.


Last but not the least ,shop around for good deals on the components.   I purchased most of my components from DELTA PERIPHERALS  ( Ritchie street – chennai ) they are good in customer service . Mainly they know what they are dealing with .


This would be a good configuration for those looking for a high end graphics machine on  a minimum budget of 90k to 1L

Of course if you have a higher budget , you can go for THE MOST ADVANCED COMPONENTS IN THE MARKET. But again depending on your usage.

 Am very happy with my sturdy buddy ….he is fast & furious … love him ! 😀


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6 Responses to “Sturdy Buddy – My Dream Machine”

  1. Jeyanand says:

    Sound like a cool machine… but No Comparison to The Mac Pro 12 Core ( with the top of the line config. ) Check it out
    You should try your hands on it to feel the power!

    • Roshan says:

      That sounds like you already got your hands on it ? lol

      That’s one of the remarkable beast with aggressive performance. But that type of beast suites only for people in profession of rendering high mesh 3D,CAD projects and video animation/film editing. But i do wonder how much high the final cut studio can fly with SSD and Xeon lol

  2. shan says:

    Thanks guys for your comments. Keep them coming motivates 🙂

  3. selva says:

    Sturdy Buddy –

    I think it’s your Random Access – Version1 (Ra One).

    This time along with the Technical stuff, a moral value (which is applicable for everyone) is also hidden, which will make every reader think.

    “When you do a work with passion, you will definitely end up with great results. In the meantime you would have faced challenges but those challenges would have taught you valuable lessons. I strongly believe this.”

    A tip about the Shop is also an useful one. Thanks.

  4. Vidya says:

    Well, it all sounds like a guy thing…. but the way it is presented is interesting … I love the cabinet and it’s flamy , fiery looks !

    What I learnt – you need a lot of patience to do this .

  5. Roshan says:

    Buddy ? Definitely a beast sitting next to you. Don’t you feel the pain ? lol

    But one thing i don’t like with PC’s are the cramped wires all over makes it easy to form the dust.

    And one last thing for GFX Card.. I’d have suggested to go for quadroFX Adobe edition. which is dam good for professional graphic workspace.

    As for the display babes… LED’s are the best in picture quality. Triple displays definitely makes it easier to take control your full workspace.

    Well worth the price for today.

    My best wishes to you and your new beast buddy 🙂

    Have fun with it. Don’t push him so hard lol

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