Tamilnadu Government Laptop Review

The free laptop scheme is part of Tamil Nadu chief minister promise ,  The Laptop are available for students to help them in their education.


Processor                     : Intel Pentium dual-core processor 2.1 ghz
Operating System      : Windows 7 & Linux BOSS 4.0
size                                : 14-inch display
Weight                          : 2.7 kg
Physical Memory       : 2 GB Ram
HDD                             : 320 GB (Excluded in DVD writer, Web camera, Modem)
Warranty                     : one-year


Watch my review video below




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37 Responses to “Tamilnadu Government Laptop Review”

  1. SreeDevi says:

    Is it possible to connect wi-fi only with usb adapter

  2. sanj says:

    is Hasee laptop provided with WIFI facility? My keyboards not working well, getting two yellow & pink colors vertical lines in monitor always..could replace through warranty from service centre recognized by TN govt.. help me…

    • shan says:

      no wifi facility. you need to use a usb wifi adapater to use wifi.

      on the monitor issue you need to take it for service with the nearest service center. you would have got a Manual with the laptop right. check that for service center near you.

      • syed khan says:

        hi shan

        can u please tell me the wifi adapter brand and it model no which will work on hasee laptop and also the web cam .

        Syed Khan

  3. JOJI Achangadon says:

    u have said most about the cons of this laptop & at the end you praise MADAM!?….!?…why this kolaveri?

  4. raj says:

    how to record the sound from hec41,…,i didnt earing my voice…,this one driver problem or mic problem?plz help me frnds

  5. G. Rajendran says:

    TN Govt issued freelaptop of hasee have many problem Harddisc, Battery and OS etc,etc,so great failure. Must receive the free laptop from student to give another company laptop

  6. Raja Velu says:

    PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_1E3A&SUBSYS_1E3A8086&REV_04\3&11583659&&B0hec41 keyboard touchpad not workingHelp me plz

  7. Ravi Sankar - LivingToGetHeR says:

    Hi all , I have a Tamil nadu gov laptop EMC utl 9 , I am sure that there is Wifi on that but from where can i get the drives for that to make work If any once have a right drives for that , please feel free to share the same to my email ravi.aeri@gmail.com

  8. pandiabi says:

    Hell,sir.I use the hesee taptop in last six month but it was more complaint.That time the display is fully white.how to solve it.

  9. praba says:

    hey shan,,i am using hasee gvnt laptop,from today morning a yellow line producded in my laptop,i dnt knw wat happening,plz help me to get ride of the prob,thank u

    • shan says:

      From what you have described, looks like the display is having a problem.

      now that is not a small component that you can change on your own at home. you will need to get it checked from the laptop service center for a possible replacement by an experienced technician for a minimal cost if it is not under warranty.

      i would encourage you to visit a good laptop Service center with your laptop and they might be able to help you .

      But keep in mind if the cost to replace exceeds 6000 or 7000 then you might consider buying a new laptop itself from quikr.com as you can see lot of TN Govt laptops put by users for sale from Rs.10,000

      Hope above info helps

  10. Navaneethan says:

    Hi Friends,

    I Have a Hasee Laptop HEC41 Model. I was searching a all web sites. But i can’t get from sites.Kindly help me for download the drivers.

  11. Tamil Nanban says:

    don’t you know tamil..?

  12. puppych says:


  13. riaz ahamed says:

    which USB wifi adapter is best for acer laptop (Government laptop)

  14. Techshan says:

    yes we can connect a usb web cam. any usb device you can connect . it is a normal laptop only 🙂

  15. riaz ahamed says:

    hey we can connect web cam in this laptop or not ?

  16. Ganesh Tom says:

    my hasee laptop have many problem

  17. Techshan says:

    it is not available for sale, it is issued to students from the government

  18. MrLivegrenades says:

    Hey techmaster what’s the price of this laptop?

  19. Manivannan R says:

    Hay Techshan…Its nice

  20. Techshan says:

    pentium dual core 2.1 ghz,

  21. rambokutti says:

    whats the speed of the processor?

  22. tamizh maran says:

    my gov laptop is missing operating how to fix it

  23. s.athreya Sankar says:

    no disk drive 🙁

  24. s.athreya Sankar says:

    how many gb hardisk is there or internal memory?

  25. John Christopher says:

    one of my friend is ready to give it for price. how much worth it is to Buy?

  26. Techshan says:

    yes works perfect

  27. Anand Tamilan says:

    have u used the wifi adapter with this laptop is it effective

  28. Techshan says:

    you have to buy a usb wifi adapter like shown in the video.

  29. Anand Tamilan says:

    how to connect to wifi with a wifi modem in this type of laptop

  30. Techshan says:

    raj the wifi dongle is around Rs.450 and external drive is Rs.1400 . i mean the starting range you can find good ones.yes internet has to become more affordable and not only that should be much faster

  31. rajTrondhjem10 says:

    How much does the external DVD drive and the wi fi adapter cost? I dont think most people would want to/can spend money on such accessories..Like u said, its a wonderful starter laptop for students and if enough offline content is available via USB drives, then this can be a powerful learning tool for the students. In the future, I hope the free laptops are better equipped and most importantly the internet becomes affordable..

  32. rajTrondhjem10 says:

    nice review..! thanks for that..

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