Transcend USB 3.0 Pen Drive 32 GB

It is an entry level USB 3.0 pen drive. The difference between a normal pen drive and a 3.0 Pen drive is it’s almost 5 times faster.

Normal USB 2.0 pen drives write at a speed of 4 to 6 MBytes but USB 3.0 drives can write upto 20 MBytes

Transcend 32 GB Drive is also fully compatible to work with a usb 2.0 slot. so if you do not have a 3.0 USB slot you can still enjoy normal read/ Write speeds by plugging it into a 2.0 Slot.

– Fully compatible with SuperSpeed USB 3.0 & Hi-Speed USB 2.0
– Comes with a Recovery Software to recover accidentally deleted photos.
– USB powered. No external power or battery needed
– LED usage status indicator
– Offers a free download of Transcend Elite data management tools
– Limited lifetime warranty*

On the disadvantages
– Transcend could have made it push type as we tend to lose the cap
– Could have been a little small

Over all a decent Pen drive with good storage space priced at Rs.2750.

Checkout my Video on Transcend USB 3.0 Drive

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5 Responses to “Transcend USB 3.0 Pen Drive 32 GB”

  1. Mano Kshatriya says:

    slide type pendrives are worst …. that sliding will be worn out soon so that you need to press always with your thumb .. hell lot of pain ..

  2. jow wa says:

    hahaha you voice is like raj from the big bang theory

  3. TednTin says:

    can you do a test of its read/write speed in USB2.0 and 3.0only usb 2.0 test is also a good info to get

  4. selva says:

    Nice Review.

    Transcend is a reliable horse. ( I still have my Transcend 256MB Pen drive, which I purchased 6 or 7 years before, working perfectly even now !)

    Another brand which I like the most (but couldn’t get in market) is the ‘Corsair Voyager’. It looks Great, like it’s performance.

  5. Roshan says:

    You’re right, Most of my drives are without safety cap. Transcend usually offers a slide type variant but Im not sure why this 3.0 version didnt have a slide type. The jet flash 500 version is slide type but still it’s 2.0 interface, not 3.0.

    And thanks for pointing this out, Many people keep miss-understanding that you dont need a 3.0 slot for 3.0 powered drives. But thats not true. You need a 3.0 usb slot to take the full advantage of the speed. If you just buy the drive without the slot, its a waste. Because compared to the jetflash 500 ( 32gb usb 2.0 ) version you may save some bucks.

    Nice vid btw!

    And i noticed techshan is now globally visible on youtube. That’s great.
    My best wishes. 🙂

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