Windows 8 Quick Look and How to use

Checkout my video on Microsoft’s Latest operating system WINDOWS 8 and its popular Metro UI. Windows 8 is redesigned to work with tablets ,Β  laptops and desktops . It isΒ  more a touch based operating system . As a regular user ofΒ  windows the learning curve is high. But no other go we have to get used to it πŸ™Β  as that is the future of PC

I have made it short as possible to give you an idea onΒ  how windows 8 works, there are many more other stuff, which you have to get your hands on toΒ  know more.

Post your comments on what you think about the bold step Microsoft has taken in redesigning windows from the ground up. Anybody thinking of switching to Apple MAC πŸ˜›



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2 Responses to “Windows 8 Quick Look and How to use”

  1. Selva says:

    What Steve Jobs thought and implemented years ago (App. Store concept), Microsoft is trying to follow only now.. that too after Google grabbing away the tablet market with it’s android and Google Play store.

    Anyhow as mentioned in the review, this Win.8 seems to have a lot of nice features and a totally new interface. It is going to give the windows users a different experience.

    Thanks to for sharing this informative review.

  2. Vidya says:

    Nice review. I think change is always good and slowly people will get accustomed to it .
    The start screen gives fresh new feel to Windows when compared with the pale blue boring one. Dynamically changing apps is a highlight…
    Only thing i think is they have hidden some main buttons here and there basically making the user wander around all corners …kinda funny when i got so tensed after i din’t know how to close an app which i opened…:)

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